Millenium Hospital

Millenium Hospital e-Learning Project (MHeL) is an ongoing European project to develop an innovative program of continuing medical education (CME) in the field of minimally invasive endoscopic gynecological surgery.

The scope is to implement an e-learning platform that will host interactive CME events in the form of virtual simulations of reality (i.e. serious games). MHeL integrates scientific content, provided by the Italian Society of Gynaecological Endoscopy (SEGI)/P0 and affiliated partners, the two Italian societies of Gyneacology (AOGOI/P4 and SIGO/P5), with the experience and technologies developed in two completed EU projects ("Mirror" and "mEducator").

MHeL will be a module-based, open-learning type of platform where individual learners trace their own training path according to their competences and needs. In its developmental stage, MHeL will first undergo dynamic testing by all project's partners for technological functionality.

It will then be pilot-tested for usability with a select sample of health professionals. When all tests are satisfactory, the e-learning platform will be presented to the Italian and European CME Authorities.

The MHeL platform is set in a 3D virtual hospital that represents a real hospital. The hospital has different rooms that have different functionalities, for instance:

. auditorium - where users have the possibility to assist to different lessons (e-learning materials)

. library - where users have the possibility to consult different books and papers

. rooms for testing - where users are requests to complete some tasks (mini games) in order to check their knowledge about the topics presented in the auditorium.

Users have the possibility to freely navigate within this virtual environment and each of their activities is tracked by the platform.

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